Irresistible Women

Irresistible Woman

Charms of women

Master of magic spells: 'There are spells to protect you from creatures with sharp teeth, mighty horns or tusks but there there is no spell to protect you from creatures with soft horns on their chests.'

Don't these look like horns?

Can you resist these beautiful horns?

Stiff rod subdued by soft horns ...

More Love, Please

I've been thinking a lot about love, recently. I don't know about you, but porn is even better when there is some love on display. Or am I in an ever decreasing minority of incurable romantics? There are lots of good sexy stuff about, but what really does it for me is at the end, they hug and kiss. (All better, now.)

My feeling is that these games should bring couples together. If they don't, play something else.

They even write songs about it! "Love, love, love." I don't think it was just a passing phase from the 1960s. Or at least I hope it wasn't.

Are Mean Girls More Attractive?

As any good masochist will tell you, (after they've begged you to be mean to them), a mean cruel lady has something extra that makes her even more attractive. Aside from the obvious: authority figure makes us feel safe and secure, (bondage reference unintentional - honest), what is it? Or is it that simple? I need structure, and this is a structure?

I like physical pain (in small doses), but given a choice between emotional torment or a smack with a stick, I'll take the stick, every time. (Hopefully short of a hospital visit!)

So everyone, the mantra? One, two, three: Safe, sane and consensual. (This trio should come with a safe-word, agreed before play starts. - Just stating the obvious. Or at least, I hope it's obvious.)

And now some fantasies, with mean girls...