Telling off

I've just seen that I've been told off. It was my own fault. Still, it means I feel like making a blog.

Fetish Kitsch Latex Couple

I found this couple on a link from Serious Bondage. Miss Kitsch has the most amazing hourglass figure. (Be still my beating heart!) I hope they don't mind me using a few of their images for my inspiration.

[I have received a request via Blogger to remove Miss Kitsch's pictures that I captioned. I have done so, as soon as I saw the message.

I would like to restate that I do not make any money from any of these captioned images, and that there is no malicious intent with any of them. If you would like me to remove any image that is yours, please leave a comment on the latest blog, with the date of the offending  post, and I will happily comply with your removal request.]

P.S. I've added them to my links, anyway, but check them out at Fetish Kitsch. Well worth the surf.

Classy Broads

This is an old American term that I first came across in the films from the 1940s and 1950s. Of course, very politically incorrect, today! I suppose if the term was used now, the image conjured would be quite different to the original. With the advent of digital photography, it is far easier to air-brush out those little imperfections. I think classy would be equated to perfect? However, it should equate to dignified elegance. (Maybe it's a nostalgia thing?)

I might admire the artistry and skill of the air-brush artist, but would I be tempted to look for such a lady in real life. I hope I'm wise enough not to. We all have our insecurities, but bombarding the fashion pages with perfect plastic women should be seen for what it is - powder, paint and window dressing. Spread the word! Look for the class, wherever it may hide.

Here are some classy broads. Enjoy...