I've just seen the statistics on my page views. It's over a thousand a day! Well, you know the old saying? - There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Not quite sure what to make of all this attention. So, just a thank you for those of you that stop by.

Anyway, it's Autumn. Time to remind ourselves that Summer wasn't that long ago, right? How many of you had a chastity holiday? (You lucky bar-stewards!) Enjoy the swimsuits...

Variable Caption Lengths

Just as I go through phases liking curvy ladies to slightly slimmer Oriental ladies to a leather clad dominatrix to a "girl next door" (with a kinky side), etc., I seem to vary the length of my captions. Sometimes I like a story, other times the caption is like a single panel from a comic.

The long caption is like I set the scene, and explore the fantasy in depth. The short caption is like popcorn, or just exploring a single moment.

As with any of this, I have no idea why. Just enjoy...