I've been surfing - as you do. What has surprised me is the number of reblogs I come across. (Heavy de-ja-vou.) Also the number of bloggers that just post an image, with not a word of why they like the image. I always thought a good comment made a blog. Obviously, this is just me?

This image has appeared on quite a few of these sites, minus my caption. Those that have made a comment say how much they wish they were the guy. I can't supress a giggle, as I altered this image, adding the CB-3000 to make it better for the caption. It's as much a fantasy as the caption. I hope the original couple don't come in for some teasing. You can just imagine it, can't you? - Their friends turning up to a dinner party and demanding to see the CB-3000. My apologies, if they do.

I've mentioned on both my blogs how I like to alter images. This is my therepy - fantasy. I hope in my persuit of a good caption I don't inadvertantly cause a problem for the people in the photo. That said, re-blog away! I can hardly get precious over images I've found, many of which were re-blogged.

And now for some...

If you're wondering what I did to the above image, it used to be black and white.

Do you think he looks worried or excited to you?

Just Teasing

Refer to the comments on the last blog, (22 Oct 2011).

Still having trouble with the 'Compose' window when adding pictures. Takes several attempts to load one image at a time from the chosen group displayed in the window. I can't seem to add them all at once. So you nearly got an empty post. Now that's a tease!

Fun. It Has To Be Fun

All of these games must be fun. If they're not, do something else that is. Usually it's the guy introducing chastity play. The lady may very well have reservations. Don't dissmiss them, if you don't want your fantasies dissmissed in the same manner.

There is a lot of fun to be had. Here are some of my fun ideas of fun...

The Fantasy Continues

When entering pubity, only a few of us are lucky enough to figure out all that we like. I remember coming across chastity belt sites (particularly Altarboy's) about a decade ago, and finally figured it out. I was in my forties. Whoever said 'youth is wasted on the young' had it spot on. I hope you're all making up for lost time.