2011 End-of-year post

Taiwan to have legal red-light districts

Rare fetishes

I have posted reports of unusual fetishes before. Here are two rare fetishes – a man who gets aroused by the smell of leather and a man who loves to eat faeces of children.

The leather man ...

The shit man ...

On the rise

More Viet women coming for vice activities

Increase in cases of people taking upskirt photos

Safe sex

Sometimes it is good to let people learn through experience. For example, people who have experienced some real hardship are less complacent and they cherish what they have.

But there are things which are better not learned the hard way, for example getting sexual diseases through unsafe sex practices. It is not worth compromising your well-being with risky sex. It causes you physical distress. It also affects you emotionally and psychologically.

Mundane but wise advice – Use the Condom

So, put it on ...

before you put it in ...

or in here ...

You can see your cum too.

Sleazy Geylang

Below are some vice scenes of sleazy Geylang in the past years. I might have posted some of the photos before. These raunchy scenes with horny men and seedy-looking women show the seamy side of our Country.

In recent times, things have toned down a lot and I believe it will stay this way. The ‘good-old-days’ will not return and it is not possible clean up Geylang of streetwalkers completely. Some of us might look back with nostalgia while many others will say good riddance.

Here are a few of my past favourites. I would love to see them again but it is unlikely they will return.