Sexy leg-wear and high-heels

Women that will make cum oozes out from your cock ...

Recently I enjoyed a China prostitute at a Geylang brothel. After that I sat in the hall for a while to look at the prostitutes in the brothel. Then Cindy walked in. I have not called her for quite some time. (I have mentioned her before.)

She looked very sexy - some sort of uniform but so short that you could see part of her buttocks, black fishnet stocking and 5-inch black high-heels. The other prostitutes were all staring at her.

Although I have just ejaculated, my lust was aroused again. There was that pleasurable feeling in my cock. Even if you don't have fetish for leg-wear and high-heels, I think you would be sexually excited. If you have such a fetish, you could masturbate just looking at her.

Once she told me there was a man who used to loiter around her brothel just to look at her.

Women in sexy leg-wear and high-heels .......