Early sexual experience

Here is a rare fetish. Maybe when the man was a young boy he saw pictures or videos of a man fucking a woman on a motorbike. Or he saw pictures of sexy naked women on motorbikes.

I think a man’s sexual preferences and his liking of women have something to do with his childhood experience. Even before I could produce sperm I already liked beautiful women.

When I was in primary 2, I found my teacher beautiful and I liked to look at her.

In my late childhood, my family rented a room to a man. He was a blue collar worker. He had a tool-box which occasionally he left in the hall. The bottom was covered with newspapers. There was nothing interesting in it. But, one day I discovered pornographic magazines under the newspapers. There were also cuttings from magazines of pictures of sexy women and actresses.

I found myself often thinking of those pictures of breasts and vaginas with hair on them. I began to like women. When I played with my cock it got erect and I liked the pleasant itchy feeling. I found that I could reach the climax if I continued stroking and thinking of naked women but there was no sperm.

When I was going through puberty, my cock grew bigger and longer and I started producing sperm. An elder boy took me to a stall around Beach Road where he bought Chinese sex magazines.

I liked those beautiful naked women in the magazines and I started fantasizing about women – beautiful women, sexy women, voluptuous women, desirable women. Women was the most exciting word to me then. WOMEN!!!.

The boy told me he fucked prostitutes before. Sometimes I imagined what it was like to put my cock in a vagina.