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There are men who treat women as slaves. These men get aroused seeing women being abused or tortured. Then there are men who worship women and treat them as queens. They get aroused when their queens abuse them. The high-heels is a symbol of her power. So these men get aroused when women in high heels kick them, step on their cocks or when they watch the women crush animals with these heels.

Heels job

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Another kind of heels-job - sexy women in high heels crushing animals ...

Manila, Philippines - The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is investigating Filipino maintainers of websites offering “crush videos,” or videos showing women crushing animals, an official said yesterday.

“We have identified the websites. We are trying to identify the people in the videos,” said Sixto Comia, who heads the NBI environmental and wildlife protection investigation division.

It was also discovered that the women in the videos, as well as the maintainer, of the website were Filipinos.

A source in the NBI-EWPID said that it was the first time that they have encountered such a case.

He revealed that the website temporarily shut down its operations when a complaint was initially filed by PETA with the NBI Ilocos region office after it was discovered that most of the women in the videos came from some provinces in Northern Luzon.

Some of the pictures below are from Chinese websites.

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